Easy salad idea: Fruity salad in pineapple boats 🍍

Easy and pretty way to serve the daily boost of vitamins πŸ‘‰ Fruity salad in pineapple boats!🍍🌸🀀
Difficulty level: Easy
Time reguired: 15 mins

To make this simple fruity salad you will need:

🍍 1 pineapple
Cut on half, then cut and hollow out each half. Use the pineapple chunks in the salad.

πŸ‘‰Mix of your favorite fruits, we used:

Cut all fruits and place in a bowl. Add some lemon juice and mix. Place fruity salad in the pineapple boats.

πŸ’— Pink pitaya yoghurt dressing:
Mix your favorite yoghurt with a dash of @rawnice pink pitaya powder. Drizzle salad on the top.

You can decorate all with edible flowers🌸

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