Rawnice Collaborators Portraits: Mathilda Johnsson

Welcome to the new series of Rawnice Collaborators Portraits, where we would to introduce you people who are part of our Rawnice Creators Family.

Today, meet Mathilda Johnsson - a person behind @Healthyholisticview. Mathilda is creative and talented young woman, passionate about food and photography. She joined us on the beginning of this year, and we are so happy to have her in our Team ❤️

Read the short interview and meet Mathilda better!


Introduce yourself - tell us a bit about you and your activities in social media 

My name is Mathilda and I'm a 28 (soon to be 29) years old woman with a big passion for plant based recipes and photography. I am the creator behind the Instagram page @Healthyholisticview where I share my created recipes and photography. 


When did you start your journey with food blogging on Ig, and what inspired you to start? 

I started my Instagram page as a fun thing just after I gave birth to my daughter. It's about 7 years back now. Time really flies. It was just meant to be a fun thing with more personal content shared with my friends and family. I had it locked for a couple of years but once I started to see the changes I made and the interest it sparked I later opened it and changed to the name Healthyholisticview. What inspired me to start is actually a mixture of many things. I was very impressed with the food creators at that time and also found a lot of inspiration from just thinking outside the box while preparing food. I also loved cookbooks and different TV programs. Also visiting people from other countries and watching them prepare their food had a big impact on my journey. 

What sparked your interest in food/cooking/baking? 

My interest started when I first wanted to eat more healthy and plant based. I wanted to try many recipes that I found online. Unfortunately the majority of the time I was very disappointed with the outcome. Either the flavour was not to my liking or the recipe didn't work out for me. So that's when I started to make my own recipes instead. It was a rocky start with a lot of failed attempts. But I was very persistent and didn't give up in the first place, once I managed to get one recipe right I couldn't see myself doing anything else. I just wanted to create my own recipes with the flavours I preferred. 


What is the best and worst thing about being a food blogger/food creator? 

The worst thing that I experience is the economy and money. When you're a smaller creator on this big platform it is really hard to find a good income. I know that everyone's experience is different, but for me this is the biggest struggle at the moment. The dream is of course to be able to do this full time one day. 

The best thing is how it sparks creativity. I'm working hard on bettering my photography and even though I've studied photography before it has no limits of learning. And I love it! It's so fun from the start of making a recipe to the photography itself to the finish line of posting. I love that I have found a lot of friends here with the same interest and there's so many good aspects of the food creator role. 


Where do you get inspiration for new recipes and photos? 

Sometimes I just feel like I want to eat something and I make it. Haha. Jokes aside, but it is mostly so. I do try to think colour wise to my feed as well. For example, one day I needed something purple and mixed together a smoothie, which I wanted to be inspired by Moonmilk so I added ashwagandha. It worked out well but there are many times I fail and don't post the recipe. This is because I value flavour and texture too. I don't want to post a recipe which I don't like myself. The times I fail I still view it as a lovely learning experience and don't feel beaten up by it. 


Besides food creating and blogging, do you have other passions in your life? How do you like to spend your free time? 

My number one passion is my kids and spending time with them. I also love learning about herbs and Natural medicine. This is also an interest I have had for a while. I love being close to nature and take forest walks regularly. It has also been a therapy for me due to struggling with my depression. 


Why did you decide to collaborate with us at Rawnice? 

I decided to collaborate with Rawnice because I love your  brand and products. I had only tried two of your powders in the start but once I got to try more of them I was so happy with the quality and flavours. I like your style and I feel it speaks to me and my focus. 


What is your favorite Rawnice powder, and why? 

It must be the butterfly pea powder! It is so magical how the blue gets purple while adding lemon. And it's so fun to work with as well because you never know how it will turn out in some recipes. It's really experimental and that's what I love! 


We celebrate Women's Day this week. Are there any women who inspire you? 

This is such a hard question because there are so many women who inspire me daily. Looking at the photography aspect I can think of two women who inspires me a lot nowadays, it's @bealubas and @silvia_salvialimone . Their photography skills amazes me and I've learned a lot reading their advice. 

"I made an amazing rainbow cake! Everyone loved it, and I love that it's not just nice to look at, but it's also healthy! Thank you :)"

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