Superfood Lemon Water 🍋💦

Here’s our simplest way to use superfood powders daily: mix them with water! 💧🌈💧

A twist of superfood powder will not only make drinking water more fun, but also boost it with extra vitamins and minerals!

We love to add to our lemon water a teaspoon of Pink Pitaya or Blue spirulina powder, for extra nutrients boost!

💗 Pink Pitaya, for antioxidants boost
💙 Blue Spirulina, for extra Vitamins B, magnesium & iron.

Drinking the water with lemon and superfood will impact positively on your skin, boost your energy and mood☺️



💦 Water (filtered or sparkling)
🍋 Lemon juice
🍋 Lemon slices
💦 Ice cubes
💗 1/2 - 1 tsp of Pink Pitaya Powder
💙 1/2-1 tsp of Blue Spirulina Powder

To make our Lemon & Superfood water:
  • simply mix water with 1/2-1 tsp of pink pitaya or blue spirulina.
  • Grab your favorite bigger glass, add some ice cubes and pour some lemon juice.
  • Pour over a colorful water
  • Optional, add lemon slices & pour more filtered or sparkling water

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